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Velo Cruces is a 501(c)(3)

public charity

Transforming Las Cruces and the Mesilla Valley into a great bicycle and pedestrian community

Velo Cruces

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Grace Holguin received an adaptive cycle for her 14th birthday. Two weeks later, it was stolen. Through the help of a dedicated officer and the support of her community, Grace got her trike back within days.

Her parents, Velo Cruces, and the State of New Mexico are partnering to pay it forward with the Ride with Grace program.

Read Grace's story (or watch the CNN report) and donate to this program on the Pay It Forward with Grace GoFundMe campaign.

Children with disabilities can benefit from riding adaptive bikes. Physical benefits include increased joint motion, muscle movement, circulation, cardiovascular health, core development, and improved coordination and balance. Emotionally, riding adaptive bikes can help foster inclusion and a sense of independence. Barriers to obtaining an adaptive bike include prohibitive cost, lack of local availability and lack of support and guidance as to which bike or accessory is best suited for a rider’s needs.  Ride with Grace seeks to draw attention to these barriers and increase accessibility to bike riding for children with disabilities in New Mexico. Ride with Grace aims to provide five adaptive cycles with weather covers, locks and helmets, as well as opportunities to participate in rides and learn how to cycle safely in its first year, and to grow from there. The Ride with Grace program has received a New Mexico Governor’s Quality of Life Grant. Your additional donations will make adaptive bikes available to more children.

We thank you for your support!

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